Thursday, December 01, 2005

Meeting a Success!

Thanks to everyone who made it to the meeting last night! It was great to see all the participation and unity. We had over twenty people present and that's not including those who wanted to be with us but had other committments.

Real quick I'm going to recap what we went over.

1. We need to have as much participation as quickly as possible when Winter Semester starts. That means checking your email often and checking this blog.

2. We must eliminate the false image that many of the students here at BYU-I have about Democrats. That false image is dangerous to the Church, to LDS issues and to individuals.

3. We must quickly develop and implement a two phase public relations campaign that will first eliminate the false image and phase two will be to recruit more Democrats by encouraging students to learn the issues and then choose a side.

4. We have a great opportunity to participate in some national campaigns as soon as this spring and definitely in November.

Also, we will be having elections this Wednesday at 6PM in the Manwaring Center. I'm working on getting us a different room. I'll send an email out when I know what room it's going to be in. To receive the email you must have registered at

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