Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Brady Declares “Idaho is Not for Sale!” in Primary Victory Speech

The following is a press release from Brady for Idaho
Brady Declares “Idaho is Not for Sale!” in Primary Victory Speech - 5/23/2006

Boise, ID—After winning by an impressive margin in today’s primary, Democratic candidate for governor Jerry Brady declared to a rally in Boise, “Idaho is not for sale!” Brady’s general election opponent Butch Otter won a narrower victory over his primary opponent Dan Adamson. With the primary election at an end, Jerry Brady voiced excitement at the clear choice Idahoans face this November.

When Congressman Otter went to Washington to try to sell off 5 million acres of Idaho hunting and fishing grounds, Jerry Brady stood up with Idaho sportsmen and women and declared that Idaho is not for sale.

While Otter hosts cocktail parties for special interests like Sempra Energy, which tried to pollute Idaho air and water and sell its energy to the West Coast, Brady stood up for the people of Magic Valley and Idaho.

Brady’s campaign has energized the Democratic Party with his willingness to stand up for middle class, working Idahoans. A partial text of his speech follows:

“Here in this place tonight, I tell you we can win! Here in this place tonight, I tell you we WILL win! Idaho is waiting for us to say in a clear voice, ‘Idaho is not for sale!’

I ask you, will we allow the Idaho we knew and loved as children, or adopted as our own, to be sold off bit by bit or will today be the day we draw the line?

Is this the day when we stand up to the special interests in D.C. and Boise and declare to the world that…our land is not for sale? Our clean air is not for sale…our clear water is not for sale…our wildlife is not for sale…our children’s future is not for sale…our seniors’ security is not for sale…our jobs are not for sale to the lowest bidder…our government is not for sale to the highest bidder…Idaho is not for sale! I’m Jerry Brady, and I’m not for sale either!”

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Jessica said...

What is so funny is that the message from Idaho Democrats this year, Idaho is Not For Sale, was a gift handed directly from Idaho Republicans on a silver platter.