Monday, July 17, 2006

Brady calls out Risch

The following is a press release from Brady for Idaho Governor. I think that this release is impressive for the following reasons:

1. It shows that Jerry Brady can look beyond partisanship and see the real issues.
2. Jerry isn't overwhelmed with whether someone is Republican or Democrat, he wants someone who is qualified.
3. Jerry is a sportsman. He cares about hunting rights, and he wants the hunters of Idaho to be recognized.

Boise—Jerry Brady, Democratic candidate for Governor, directed a statement today at Governor Jim Risch, addressing the process Risch has used for recent Idaho Fish and Game Commission appointees.

On Monday, Risch appointed Democrat Robert C. Barowsky, former Payette County Sheriff, to the Idaho Fish and Game Commission Southwest Region and on July 7, he appointed Republican Randall Budge of Pocatello as the Commissioner for the Southeast Region.

Barowsky’s nomination raised concerns among many who noted his limited qualifications. When questioned by the press on Monday, Barowsky admitted to not holding a hunting or fishing license and that he has not held any wildlife licenses since 1990. According to Wild Idaho News, Barowsky does not regularly attend Fish and Game meetings and is not up to speed on the issues.

Governor Jim Risch told the press that Barowsky “was the absolute best candidate.”
Brady does not agree. “Robert Barowsky’s career in Idaho law enforcement is impressive and admirable but does not qualify him to represent the hunting and fishing community,” Brady said. “If Mr. Barowsky had been appointed Drug Czar, that would have been fine, but now he’s in the wrong job, and he was chosen by the wrong process. This is not what’s best for our wildlife,” he said.

The issue for Brady is not a partisan one but is an issue of open process.

“It doesn’t matter to me if the appointee is a Democrat or a Republican,” Brady said. “What’s wrong here is that the sportsmen and women in Idaho have no voice.”

Brady has said that, if elected Governor, he will appoint Fish and Game Commissioners based not on politics, but on candidates endorsed by regional nominating committees composed of sportsmen and women.

“The Governor ought to be consulting with the people who buy the permits and licenses and the people who pay the fees to hunt and fish,” Brady said. “This is taxation without representation.”


Jessica said...

Everyone say it with me...CRONYISM.

Blake Roberts said...

Personally, I bet that since it was a democrat he selected, it is more a case of trying to appeal to the other side during an election year then cronyism.

Jessica said...


read the definition of cronyism. You don't need to be a member of the same political party.

Blake Roberts said...

I didn't say that you did. I was just expressing my opinion on the matter, and pointing out why I felt so. It could very well be that they are old friends (or something to that effect), I just find it interesting that in an election year, with the democratic challenger making a very good show, that he would appoint a democrat.

I don't mean to say your idea was wrong, it is likely right. Both might be right, both might be wrong, I didn't mean to be exclusionary.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think it's a little bit from column A and little from column B.

I do think that it's worth mentioning though, that Risch, who is the acting Governor, is running for Lt. Governor, against Democrat Larry LaRocco.

This will be a very competitive race.

Jerry Brady, a Democrat, is running against Butch Otter. Brady has excellent chances. If Idahoans would look past party affiliation they will see that Brady is truly a servant of God and of Idaho.

Many Republicans have seen this, so many actually that the Brady campaign is having to make, "Republicans for Brady" bumper stickers in mass.

Jessica said...

You didn't outright say it, but what you said led me to believe you didn't think it was cronyism because he is a Democrat. Why else would you say it isn't cronyism because he is a Democrat?

JamesP said...

Jessica, I'm afraid you're doing more to destroy than to lift up with your comments in this thread. I'll tell you the same thing I tell most people with whom I engage in political discussions with: Rise above the name-calling, the epithets and labels. Discuss the issues, not the talking points. And debate from the heart, without pride or malice. You will find that it will get you to your desired destination faster and with more efficiency.


I don't know about a servant of God. Might be a bit of a stretch and that label - placed on anyone in politics - really scares me. I haven't studied up on Brady or the Idaho race enough. I need to.

On a side note, I've met Gov. Risch and spoken with him about journalism and the press. Don't like him.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, you're right. Now that I look at it again it does read a little funny.

Let me reword it:

"Jerry Brady is a religous man who will try to do what he thinks is best."

JamesP said...

I do take issue with Brady's closing line. If he REALLY wants to witness taxation without representation, tell him to follow Kempthorne and move to DC.

This isn't that. This is just putting a guy in an administrative position who has less-than-ideal qualifications for the job.

The art of hyperbole is not lost on Jerry Brady. He is the publisher of the Post Register, after all.

Jessica said...

"Rise above the name-calling, the epithets and labels."

Uh, ok???

Not sure how I destroyed my argument of cronyism...

Will said...


Jessica really isn't a good person to try to make a point with. You're really not gonna get any credit for having a good idea from her.

I know cuz I tried...and while Peter was able to do it, she just couldn't quite find it in her. She wants to be heard, but not to listen.

L84AROPIN said...

How many of you guys are actually registered Idaho voters? I just wanted to know if this club was full of out of staters, or if you all were actually real live Idaho Demicrats.

Dan O. said...

I agree with Will. It seems by reading Jessica’s post that she wants everyone to believe everything she believes, and gives no time to listen to other people. It is her way or the highway. I just ignore Jessica’s post when I post things. If I feel she is not going to listen to me; I am sure not going to listen to her!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Good questionn. I'm curious to know that answer to that question as well.

I am registered to vote in Idaho.

L84AROPIN said...

Sorry not to post this on the "Otter" thread, but I had a buddy that said that "Otter may be a drinking womanizing SOB, but he is OUR SOB." That is kind of the feeling sometimes, sad but true. And as for Dirk being DUI free or not a adulterer, he has a mistress in washington and I have seen both men HIGHLY intoxicated in person.
By the way, I am personally one who votes for whoever I think is gonna do the best job. I have R friends that hiss me for that as well as D freinds that call me chicken, but that is how things should be, in my humble opinion.
I just hope that whoever we elect will let me and mine run cattle on the hills and keep being who we are, also that they will keep Rural Idaho in sight.

Blake Roberts said...


Please my post again, I never said it was not cronyism becuase he is a democrat. I said that I bet it was more a case of appealing to the other side, perhaps this is what you were referring to. I did not intend for those words to mean that your idea was wrong; I intended them to mean that I felt it was primarily something else (as my understanding of the words I used led me to believe that they did not eliminate any other idea, but rather put forward something else as my leading opinion).

I apoligize if my choice of words led you to believe soemthing else. To be honest, I thought I had gone out of my way not to discount your idea. But I never wrote anything that was intended to say you were wrong in your opinion, that the selection was a result of cronyism. I did not write anything that was intended to led you (or anyone else) to believe anything other then what was written.

Again, I'm sorry that you misunderstood my point, and that I did not present myself more clearly. But I still stand by my opinion that it is more a matter of appealing to the other side during an election year.

Blake Roberts said...

I further apologize for my poor spelling and grammer in my previous post. For some reason my proof reading never seems to serve me until after I've posted. Perhaps I need more patience in my writing.

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

If you all have problems with me, I would appreciate it if you would stop talking about me as if I am not reading your comments. Namely, I am referring to Will and Dan O.'s comments.

I do listen to other people. In fact, I take great pains to see all points of view. It seemed very obvious that Blake misunderstood cronyism. Apparently he did not, that is fine, I apologize for misunderstanding something that seemed blatantly clear. I am not sure what else I have done that shows I don't ever listen to anyone else...if I was a Republican for almost 21 years and then became a Democrat, certainly this disproves any propensity I would have for not listening to the other side.