Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Brady gets the nod from conservative paper

The Times-News, a notoriously conservative paper, has endorsed Democratic candidate Jerry Brady for Idaho Governor. Read the story here.

This endorsement is symbolic of the fact that people of all political ideologies are moving towards Jerry. He's not pro Republican or Democrat. He really is for Idaho.


Cameron said...

The Times is my home paper, so thanks for linking to it. The endorsement seems more of a general sense of uncertainty towards Rep. Otter than a ringing endorsement of Mr Brady. However, the Times does have some very good things to say about him. My favorite:

If Idahoans want an articulate and passionate leader who can listen and connect with their issues, they should cast their vote for Brady.

Peter Nguyen said...


I was staffing Jerry on Tuesday, the day after the debate, at the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

I was ashamed of Otter. I really was. The two candidates were each invited to speak for 20 minutes and then questions afterwards.

Otter went first, Jerry second.

Jerry listened politely as Otter spoke, but when it was Jerry's turn, Otter kept interrupting. It was very rude.

Then during Q. and A. whenever Jerry was giving an answer, Otter would be behind him shaking his head or making silly expressions.

Unfortunately, the audience just ate it up.

It didn't bother Jerry at all, but man, it bothered me.

Anonymous said...

It surprises me they endorsed republicans. Could it be because of sempra. I think that was a big chicken little too though myself. Not the harm some make it out to be.

Peter Nguyen said...

A big chicken little?

I don't know, from the people I have spoken to in Magic Valley and the things I've read, there was some real genuine concern from the citizens of that county about Sempra.

Maybe you're right, perhaps that genuine concern wasn't necessary, but I'm not sure if I want a coal plant in my backyard either.