Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Obama on Daily Show

I suppose this just goes to show how much self-control I have, but I couldn't help myself. Here it is:


Today's Patriot said...

So what make's Barack Hussein Obama so great?

Adam Smith said...

WOW!!! I echo the curiosity of “today's patriot” about Barack Hussein Obama, and am baffled at the borderline blasphemous use of Mosiah 4:15 as a means to mask YOUR ever-tragic affiliation with the party that is responsible for much of the downfall of OUR society.
Perhaps you could alter scripture to better support YOUR objectives, or those of the party with which you are aligned: "But ye will impose countless restrictions upon them while giving them countless excuses for their mistakes, so they will walk within your ways of truth and soberness; ye will then rehabilitate them back into society with the false-reality and ill-fated hope that they might someday love one another, and serve one another."

-Adam Smith
“Choosing The Right”

Anonymous said...

The party includes President Faust and Merlin Jensen in the 70. You might want to read what the Church leaders have said about both parties before you claim something you can't even back up.

Today's Patriot said...

I would like to point out that the claims made by anonymous about President Faust and Merlin Jensen probably have little merit. (Yes, I know President Faust was a democrat 30 or 40 years ago. That really means nothing now.) I know that the General Authorities make it a point not to reveal their political views because countless members of the Church would probably mistake those views as revelation, and that would be a dangerous zone to enter.

Mr. Adam Smith, although I am a republican and a conservative, I do not share your obvious anger toward Democrats. I do not agree with their political philosophy, but I do believe that it is possible to be a good Mormon and a good Democrat/Republican/Libertarian/etc.

Anonymous said...

Adam Smith,

Thanks for visiting. Unfortunately, I've just been inundated with work, otherwise I would be responding more thoroughly to everyone's responses.

Assuming that you're a Mormon and that this is your first visit to this blog, I would ask you to please read the messages on the sidebar. Respectful and kind discussion are expected on this blog, but that's really your choice, we'll never censor.

Thanks for visiting. And... I will get to posting again, but, I love my job and I've got to provide for my wife and my soon-to-be-born baby boy. JUNE 9! WOOT!

Blake Roberts said...

Point of order there Peter, the proper way to spell it is w00t, in which you use a lower case "w" and "t", with zero's replacing the o's.

Yes, I have so little in the way of a social life that I know these things. Don't cry for me.

Henry said...

Today's: you are wrong. See: Harrie, Dan. "GOP Dominance Troubles Church; It hurts Utah, says general authority, disavowing any perceived Republican-LDS Link; LDS Official Calls for More Political Diversity", Salt Lake Tribune, 1998-05-03.

Chad Reiser said...


Are you seriously endorsing a show that airs on a channel that is BANNED by the school administration!?!?!

I thought you cared about the Lord more than that!

lol . . .


Anonymous said...


I seriously don't know you well enough to know if you're joking. So, please excuse me if I don't get your joke and err on the side of taking you too seriously:

1. I watch three television shows: Lost, The Office, and American Idol. Viral videos, like this one, are sent to me.
2. I was married before I came to BYU-Idaho. Therefore, I have no idea what is banned and what is not. I didn't even know until your comment that some TV channels are censored in single housing. I called the housing department and they told me that censoring is mostly left to the discretion of the landlord.
3. In a news interview I had with the Dean of Students, he emphasized to me that there are many incidences in which a student may be in violation of the Honor Code, but still be in perfect standing with the Church.

Again, please excuse me if I didn't "get it".

Blake Roberts said...

According to the Honor Code, with regards to television:

"Most premium movie channels are considered inappropriate. Those that often come with basic service and must be filtered out currently include MTV and VH-1. Special events, such as major sports contests, which do not violate the Honor Code may be procured through pay-per-view channels after the cable or satellite distributor clears that event in advance with the Honor Code office."

This information can be found here:

The video is no longer playing for me, but if I remember correctly, it was from the Daily Show. Since the Daily Show is on Comedy Central, it is not singled out by the Honor Code.

Blake Roberts said...


If you have more info on the matter then I, please post it. If I was wrong about what channel the video is from, or if I am missing an updated official school announcement about media, I would much rather you point it out then continue in error.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that it was a joke. My point was to be funny because many apartment complexes including the previous one that I lived at banns Comedy Central. I, however, am a personal fan of the Colbert Report.

It was complete sarcasim.

And about the official rules, there are so many that most of the poeple that work in the Kimball have no idea what they are. This was evident when I got several people who worked there called before the President's Council because entire departments were un-aware of school policy.

I do not claim to be a "know-it-all" it was a joke! Lighten-up people!


Blake Roberts said...

Sorry Chad, I didn't pick up on the joke. I blame it on my horrible sense of humor. It curses me daily. That stinks about your complex banning C.C., I would be pretty irritated if I didn't know that when I signed the contract.