Saturday, January 20, 2007

The poop is flying, will it hit the fan?

A CNN story reports that Hillary Clinton has announced her bid for the Presidency.

Let me admit from the start that I do not know a thing about Hillary Clinton. Let me also begin with the premise that I do not believe that her husband's presidency should be an automatic, overshadowing factor in determining her own merit.

However, I do know this: if she is nominated, she will be a lightening rod for all that is considered by conservatives as ultra-liberal — whether it is true or not. In my mind, Hillary, is less likely to receive conservative votes than any other democratic presidential candidate.

My main concern is another Florida 2000. I'm happy that the nation overwhelmingly elected a democratic congress. One of the reasons is because it was a "clear win". The nation wanted to move left and we did. But, the last two presidential elections have been less decisive. I trust the people, and I want a unified nation who clearly selects one person. No more of this 51 - 49 stuff. I'd like to see a clear presidential win, like during the Bill Clinton years and the Reagan years. I think it will be good for the country.

I'll keep an open mind to Hillary, although, my heart goes to Obama, John Edwards and Mitt Romney. I love these three candidates. They rock my world. I'm equally split between them. I'm excited to see what will happen.


Blake Roberts said...

If Hillary wins I'm going to Canada.

I will then buy some ketchup flavored potato chips, return to America, and use them to comfort me as I sulk.

Blake Roberts said...

By the way Peter, I sent you an e-mail the other day. If you could get back to me about it in the next couple days, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Democracy Lover said...

It amazes me that Hillary Clinton, who is significantly to the right of the Democratic Party mainstream is considered an ultra-liberal by the right wing. What this means is that not only is she less likely to receive conservative votes than any other Dem, she is less likely to receive liberal or progressive votes as well.

P.S., you should take a closer look at Mitt Romney - he doesn't belong on your list.

Blake Roberts said...

Mr. Democracy Lover,

Thanks for the insight! While I certainly cannot speak for all conservatives on the subject, I personally think that her push for National Healthcare during the 90's is a big part of it. Further, the Clinton administration left such a bad taste in the mouth of so many conservatives that I would bet many think it would be four to eight more years of it.

The closest parallel I can think to draw would be asking a liberal Democrat if they would vote for Jeb Bush in '08. While he is a good man and has done great things for Florida, the current administration has embittered so many liberals that he wouldn't stand a chance.

On a side not, I took a look at your blog, and I was curious about something. You seem to dislike religion, and in your posting "Religion is not the Problem" you specifically pointed out in paragraph #4 one of our (LDS/Mormon) Doctrines as "ridiculous". So, I doubt that you came here because you are a student here.

So, what attracted you to our blog? Your views (as well as anyone else’s so long as they stay respectful) are always welcome, but I am just curious as to what brought you here. Did you find it randomly, or did some one point you our way?

Again, thanks for the input, and feel free to continue posting!

Cameron said...

I think I might be the culprit, as I link here from my blog and often have discussions with DL there.

Blake Roberts said...

Hey cameron, I just noticed taht you are from Jerome, do you know Adam Dixon?

Anonymous said...

You're "equally split" between Obama, Edwards, and Mitt Romney? Mitt Romney is NOT a Democrat! Do you like him simply because he's LDS?

I found this blog after doing a google search on LDS Democrats (I was a member of BYU Democrats years ago, in Provo). What saddens me is that most LDS Democrats throw their party loyalty out the window just because they want a Mormon in office so badly.

I'd like to see a post on why you, as a Democrat, like Mitt Romney.

Ashlee said...

I am Cameron's sister, and I know Adam Dixon. He just got married. I am good friends, with his brother, Brandon.

Anonymous said...

I don't have party "loyalty". I'm a centrist that leans and prefers the left.

I would never endorse anyone just because they were a Mormon.

And, in short (for now), Mitt Romney has shown that he knows how to compromise. Right now, he wants to get the Republican ticket so he's taking a hard line rhetoric, but I believe out of all the viable conservative candidates, Romney is sensibly flexible, innovative and diplomatic.

Joe S., if you read this, perhaps you can tell us what qualities Romney has that would attract liberal voters. After all, Romney, if he gets the Republican nomination will be courting ALL voters right?

Today's Patriot said...

Mitt Romney might not really appeal at all to liberal voters. Although he ran as a moderate Republican in 2002, his time as Governor of Massachusetts proves that he is mostly conservative. Perhaps his ideas to reform health care will be enough to convince some democrats to vote for him, but I can see nothing else. He is a staunch supporter of the war in Iraq. He has had a "change of heart" regarding abortion and he does not support gay marriage. He is fiscally conservative (he did an amazing job turning Massachusetts around.)

Mitt is every conservative's dream, in my opinion. I don't know why this democrat site would promote him, but I don't think his supporters mind that at all!

-Todays Patriot

Anonymous said...

"Mitt is every conservative's dream, in my opinion."

Maybe if he wasn't Mormon.

Joe Strickland said...

Anonymous, (I love that you people make statements anonymously. It shows your courage! It shows how much you really believe in what you say! lol)

While I don't necessarily agree that Mitt Romney is "every conservative's dream," I do think that he appears to be a strong conservative that many Republicans would support. I don't think his religion is really going to play much of a role in the election, as much as CNN and Fox News say that it will. And we all know that those news outlets are the authority on truth.... LOL!!!

Henry said...

Well, one recent poll found that fewer than 1 in 3 Americans feel America is ready for a Mormon president.

Anonymous said...

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