Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Causes and effects of global climate change

There has been a change in this weeks meeting format. Bro. Holyoak will be speaking at 7:30 p.m. instead of 7:00. We will be meeting in the TAYLOR BUILDING room 130, rather than the MC.

This will be a great presentation. Please invite as many of your friends as possible!


Joe Strickland said...

Man, the CDs hardly have anything to say without Peter around. Where did you guys go?

Blake Roberts said...

Yeah, things have been a bit quite around here.

I for one have been swamped lately with school work, as well as some personal concerns, so I havn't had much time to write. Hopefully things will free up after next week.

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody... he did it again!!! As though one would be surprised.

I find myself faced with two options - 1) I publicly mock the ever prolific "author" (term used loosely), allowing him to come back with some childishly illiterate jab, ultimately creating a cheap thrill for the other readers of this out rightly pathetic attempt for like-minded (synonymous with "absent-minded") LDS democrats to gather and freely converse about their ill-fated and non-existent attempts to bring (more appropriately "corrupt") the progressive State of Idaho (Note the sarcasm for terms "progressive" and "State" when referring to Idaho... as I laugh aloud to myself!). Or I 2) simply ignore the preceding run-on sentence and ignore the irony of my self-appointed duty to correct poor grammar and spelling (Despite seeing it a reflection of the intelligence of the author, further discrediting the likelihood of ever using the words "democrat" and "intelligent" in the same sentence), and simply inform Mr. Roberts of his "Third-grade public school reading level" mistake by ignoring the likelihood that he is a legitimate college student!

I will be the bigger person and simply choose option number two - It is "quiet," not "quite."

Keep trying - eventually something will work out for you! Keep the Faith.

Anonymous said...

OUCH! That was a good one!!!

I wonder how long it will be until Blake corrects his mistake?

-I hope that you don't. But would love you to hit him back with "some childishly illiterate jab" and prove the aforementioned "anonymous" wrong!!!


Blake Roberts said...

You are right, I made a mistake. It is a fairly common occurrence in my life.

Never the less, I find solace in the fact that you are more concerned with attacking how I said something, and not what I said.

You are welcome to form whatever opinion of me that you like, but I remind you (as well as others reading this) that I am not a Democrat, so attacking me has no bearing on them.

I do find it amusing that my accidental switching of the "e" and "t" was so motivating to you that you took the time to write a 207 word response. If you can't convince them, you might as well entertain them.

Cameron said...

Anon, you're an idiot.

Jessica Nguyen said...


I would like to commend you for the intelligent and civilized manner in which you handle all the attacks that are made against you.

Furthermore, you show an admirable amount of humility when it comes to admitting even small personal flaws. I think many of the people who post comments on this blog could incorporate similar qualities in their speech when they are addressing fellow children of God.

Anonymous said...

"Anon" is the idiot!!!
That's just dandy.

I personally find it amusing that anyone who claims anything about Utah being anywhere near "big city" has the audacity to refer to another "Child of God" (credit given to last commentator... because she deserves it) an "idiot."

I guess the sheep have all run away and my buddy Ferris is driving around in your Dad's Ferarri!!!