Friday, February 23, 2007

The Intent of this Blog

About once a week, I try to log on to this site to see what individuals have been posting. Today, I saw what seemed to be a conversation in a chat room between a few fourth graders. Let me remind the few who sign in here that every effort is being made to increase our public image this semester. I and the rest of the BYU-I College Dems presidency are working overtime to try and get quality speakers, organized meetings, and good PR so that as the semesters roll on we will further the work of our group. If you don't have something to contribute to this effort, then, please, don't add impertinent, or, worse, regressive, commentary to this site. We are an organization for college students interested in intelligent politically debate. Let's act that way.

Now, to other things. I encourage everyone to go to the link above and check out what it has to say. We may be dedicating a meeting to this subject.

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Cameron said...

Great idea about Darfur. I hope to read more of what your group is doing and learning on that front.