Friday, July 28, 2006

Jana Jones-The Right Choice For Idaho

There is one candidate running for office this year that has my full support and dedication and that person is Dr. Jana Jones.

I hear it happens every now and then…you fall in love with a candidate running and this person restores the faith and trust you should have in your elected officials. This faith and trust has been all but destroyed the last several years, for me, and many others.

Now this post isn’t meant to disparage any other Democrat, or Republican, running for office. There are many wonderful candidates running for office. Some of my other favorites include Jackie Groves Twilegar who is running for State Controller in Idaho, Jim Hansen who is running for Congress in Idaho, and Allen Anderson who is running in District 29 (here in Bannock County). These four candidates represent the best of the best that Idaho Democrats have to offer. I am honored and privileged to call myself a Democrat because of these four people.

I wasn’t always a Jana Jones supporter. I live in Bannock County which Bert Marley represented in the Idaho Senate for several years. Bert Marley and Jana Jones ran a tough primary against each other and upon hearing of Jana Jones’ intention to run, I, mostly because of where I lived, chose to support Bert Marley. I made a rookie mistake, a mistake I hope never to repeat. Never start supporting a candidate until you know about the person they are running against! I don’t personally know Bert Marley too well. I have attended functions that he has attended and I have met him a few times. He is well-respected by both Republicans and Democrats. But after meeting Jana Jones for the first time, and after seeing her at many other events, I was impressed by her graciousness, the way she paid special attention to each person she met, I was just impressed by who she was as a person. Now many will say she was simply playing the candidate. No, this is just who Jana Jones is as a person, end of story.

This is a woman all women should model themselves after. Educated, knowledgeable, kind, full of integrity, always taking the high road, and possessing a level of concern about Idaho schools, teachers and students that cannot be exceeded. This is a woman who has spent her entire career bettering education.

I support Jana Jones for Superintendent not just because of who she is as a person, but because of what she will offer to Idaho both professionally and personally. Jana knows the position of Superintendent inside and out, Jana knows Idaho schools and programs inside and out. This is a sampling of what Jana will bring to this position;

-Bachelor and Master degrees from Utah State University in Special Education.
-Education Doctorate degree from Idaho State University in Educational Leadership.

-Certified educator in Idaho:
Generalist (Education Handicapped) K-12
Early Childhood Special Education
Supervisor/Coordinator of Special Education
Director of Special Education

-Currently the Chief Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction with the State Department of Education.

-Worked as the Deputy Superintendent, Bureau Chief of Special Education, and Regional Special Education Consultant for the Department.

-Worked as the administrator for Early Childhood programs in the Governor’s Office for Children for Governor Cecil Andrus.

-Worked as a planner for the Infant Toddler Program in Region VII.

-Owned, operated and taught kindergarten at Progressive Day School in Idaho Falls.

-Taught special education in Idaho Falls School District #91.

-Served on several councils, including the Governor’s InfantToddler Interagency Coordinating Council, Developmental Disabilities Council, Idaho Council on Children’s Mental Health, Early Childhood Professional Development Consortium, CCSSO Special Education Task Force.

-Member of Idaho Association of School Administrators, Council for Exceptional Children, Deputy Leadership Commission.

It is my personal opinion that no other candidate, in the history of this position, has been more prepared and more ready to take on this monumental responsibility. She will take it on and she will succeed and we will all benefit. If you still aren’t convinced, visit her website for more information and send Jana an email with any questions.

Vote for Jana Jones on November 7th. Vote for education.


Lauren Bingham said...

Well I must say that I'm impressed at the research and the level of involvment you've shown here. Much kudos.

I will also say, with whatever qualifications I have as a Comm graduate, that if you want people to really know your opinion and jump on the Jana Jones bandwagon, you can't expect them to sift through a 4,000 word testimonial. Seriously woman, keep it short and sweet.

Jessica said...

Only 696 words, ;)

Honestly, I could write all day and night about the woman I respect most out of anyone in this world, but I kept it as short and sweet as possible.

I think it is important that Idaho voters know Jana is qualified and Tom Luna is not. It is important thay I highlight this through her achievements and personal attributes. Hence, the reason for the longer post. Believe me, I will work and work until I can get my opinion of Jana down into the size for a quick read in the letter to the editor section. I did it before the primary, I am sure I will be successful now. Just give me some time!

Thanks for the comment.