Monday, January 08, 2007

The state of things, part: 2

Previously, I wrote about a select few problems that the BYU-Idaho College Democrats need to overcome. Now, I offer a few solutions.

First, I believe the College Dems MUST be more bold. That is, they must be more forward and proactive about creating and advertising their solutions to the state's and country's problems.

Thus far, we have struggled to exist and be accepted. Now, forget about being accepted and simply show that we have a REASON to exist. I believe the BYU-I populace has just accepted and forgotten our existence, now we need to make sure that we are visible at all times. I suggest a week by week issue campaign. A different issue for every week. We should be so consistent that people begin to ask, "I wonder what the Dems are advertising this week."

I'm talking posters, flyers, discussions etc. Every week until the end of the semester should have a theme, and that theme should be executed to its fullest. We must be bold.

Second, I think we should bring things down a notch. We need to educate students and tell them why things are the way they are, how things will be and how things should be. Talk of national politics and world affairs is important, but if it doesn't mean anything to the casual voter it won't stick with them. Students have plenty to worry about, when we deliver a message, it needs to be simple, it needs to have urgency and it needs to encourage an action.

Lastly, I think it's time to start charging dues. I don't want to get into the details of how to do it, but I will say why:
  1. We need to put value on being a Democrat.
  2. It could cause members to feel that they are contributing to something good.
  3. It will help pay for expenses.
  4. It could increase commitment.
These are just a few solutions I had. What are your thoughts? Good spirited comments only please.


Blake Roberts said...

I'm going to refrain from commenting a whole lot about this until after the meeting this week.

But, we do have a few ideas we are working on for this semester, and I think that you will be pleased with the direction we are going. You should drop by if you are still in town.

As for the issue of dues, I see how it is. The Democrats take office and the first thing you want to do is raise taxes!

Today's Patriot said...

How was your meeting? Do you anticipate a productive semester?

Adam Smith said...

Cause for confusion and a good laugh - "Value to being a democrat!" You must forgive my false assumption that genocide was NOT supported by the democratic party!!! (much like you ‘forgive’ the non-working dregs of society by distributing our taxes in the form of “welfare” as nothing more than a falsely played means of buying the support of those who are far too ignorant to vote intelligently on their own)

Forgive my “Old-Fashioned-Conservative” thought process – I am still catching up to the ever-wonderful United States in the year of 2007; where 7 of our last 10 wars have been started by democrats. (I still finding it amusing that the left is rallying around a man with the name of Hussein as their preferred upset to one of the most backward politicians, let alone a woman, ever!)

-Adam Smith